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Art has always been a great way to show your personality. It’s also a great conversation starter when having guests over. Here at sylvesterAGUDDAHarts, we go the extra mile to make sure art pieces can be acquired for your personal taste as well as for special occasions.
We started featuring art from Nigeria since the start to transform your places and let you discover a variety of styles for both home and office. Nigerian art has a rich story behind it, and the vibrant colours used in the mixed-media artwork make them incredibly mesmerising.
From classic kings and mysterious goddesses to graceful dancers and abstract shapes, each art piece brings a part of the culture and its artist back home. The detailing of these art pieces is deeply intricate and incomparable, so it’s sure to become the centrepiece your guests can’t help but talk about. Give us a call today to discuss your options and find the perfect art for your home or office.

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